Our partners

The Skill company cooperates with the leading IT companies. Contract based relationships and experience with the technologies of these renowned partners add to the positive assessment of the company on the IT market and are altogether a plus for the customer.


The Skill company is a holder of the prestigious title Microsoft Gold Certified Partner www site. This partnership represents the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and the closest working relationship with Microsoft. The company has achieved following competencies:

  • Smart Client Development (Custom Development Solutions)
  • Web Development (Custom Development Solutions)
  • Information Worker Solutions - Portals and Collaboration
  • Small Bussines Specialist

MCP Gold logo 


The Skill has also been authorized as HP Preferred Partner www site. Main subject of cooperation is focused on enterprise solutions in the area of state administration.

Logo HP Preferred Partner


Netrics www siteis a pioneer in the field of data access and data quality technologies. Netrics products provide unmatched accuracy, error-tolerance and performance, for both databases and free-text. This new partnership does not cover only representation of Netrics products, but also improves Skill’s ability to create unique solutions. Working with Netrics enables Skill to offer our current and future customer solutions with new technology for finding data in the 21st century.

Logo Netrics


The Skill has participated in NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP) and has been registered in a database of eligible suppliers for NATO projects since 2004. The Skill has also met requirements needed for signing The Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA www site) with NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A www site). This cooperation opens new challenges and opportunities, offering another form of NSIP participation.

The other significant partners

The Skill company cooperates and keeps partnership with lots of prominent companies such as:

  • Oracle www site
  • Servodata www site
  • DNS www site
  • SODATSW www site
  • Mesit www site
  • CISCO www site
  • Tovek www site
  • AiPSafe www site
  • Panasonic www site