The open system based on XPDL (XML Process Definition Language) standard, that facilitates control of workflow of user defined objects, in fact different kind of data from existing information systems, with possibility of use of existing user base (i.e. Active Directory, SQL, etc.). The integral part of the system is graphical user interface for workflow design and tracking which is accessible either through web explorer or via standard Win API application.

Notification services

One of many problems concerning with software application integration in heterogeneous enterprise environment is securing of event information exchange and possibility to respond to these events. The Skill has developed its own product (component) for securing these services.

Web User Controls

Proprietary developed user controls for web application development. The controls are customizable with opened interface to meet specific needs (connection to different formats of source data.

  • Repeater (viewing, exploring repeated information such as database records)
  • Controls facilitating navigation, filtering and search
  • Main menu
  • Drop-down menu

Universal Codebook Application

The other typical task concerning with system integration is codebooks integration and administration. The Skill company has long-time practical experience in this area and therefore has designed system of central codebooks administration.

Major requirements that have been met:

  • Central administration of codebooks data
  • Unified codebooks data access
  • Codebooks data history preservation
  • Hierarchical relationship preservation among single codebooks
  • Multiple relationship preservation among single data items within particular codebooks

Application architecture

Customer developed applications are implemented on the basis of the company proprietary unified component architecture named Skill Application Framework (SAF).