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Our services focus mainly on the delivery of custom solutions,  IT systems operation support, consulting, IT architecture design and system integration

Custom development

Our custom development services rely on the following approaches, which help us provide a guarantee of high quality delivered solutions:

  • Management of employees and processes throughouyt the entire life cycle of IT system development
  • Maximum flexibility in the implementation of specific projects
  • Effective use of practical experience from previous projects
  • Specialization of our employees, which covers the entire portfolio of professional roles

Operation of systems

We use ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) to provide services related to the support of the operation of IT systems.

We implement smaller and larger projects using experience from MOF (Microsoft Operations Framework) and ITSM (Information Technology Service Management).

We specialize mainly in the following areas:

  • Configuration and change management
  • Management and monitoring of security of IT systems
  • Computer network management
  • Management of database servers
  • Training and support of IT professionals and users on the client side

Operation of systems

We provide comprehensive consulting services in the field of information systems security:

  • For authentication and authorization
  • Control of access to information
  • Management of processes related to the information system
  • Design of IS system
  • Problems of data encryption and their secure storage
  • Actual implementation of the security project, including supply of necessary hardware and software products

We provide comprehensive services covering the entire life cycle of security projects requiring NSA certification (according to Act No. 412/2005 Coll.):

  • Pre-project preparation – creation of a security plan
  • Creating a system security policy
  • Analysis and solution of security risks
  • Designing security systems
  • Creating safety guidelines
  • Preparation for certification and accreditation of the system u.

IT architecture design

We can quickly and efficiently design and build an adaptive, sustainable and secure IT architecture that meets the long-term requirements of our customers.

With our help, customers get:

  • Reliable and efficient IT infrastructure
  • Maximum return on IT investment
  • Improving efficiency in the implementation of IT and processes
  • High level of IT security and accessibility

Our architectural principles fulfill your requirements for:

  • Scalability
  • Security and data protection
  • Accessibility
  • Configurability
  • Effectiveness of technical support.

Our services in the field of IT architecture cover:

  • Project management
  • IT status analysis
  • Design of IT infrastructure concept
  • Risk analysis
  • Our own implementation
  • Testing and verification
  • Deployment and subsequent support of the operation

Our architectural projects are:

  • Kernel services (OS, network, directory, print, file, mail, VoIP,…)
  • Data storage, virtualization, backup, archiving (Storage & Storage Management incl. Clustering, SAN & NAS, etc.)
  • Access to data (authentication, authorization, “Need to Know” principle)
  • Server and network infrastructure
  • Security components (PKI, chip cards, tokens, firewalls, VPN, anti-virus protection and certified components – according to Act 412/2005 Coll., Tempested HW, cryptography, etc.)
  • Tools for managing and ensuring operation (HP Open View, MS MOM, SMS and others).

System integration

We can offer customers services in the role of:

System integrator:

  • Complete implementation extensive projects
  • Responsibility for risks
  • Management of subcontractors

Provider of partial professional services:

  • Expert activities in ICT
  • Solution design
  • Project management
  • Quality verification

Our knowledge and experience with system integration projects helps us achieve the following main goals:

  • Ensure the most efficient use of the customer’s capital expenditures
  • Careful selection of partner suppliers ready for full cooperation
  • Thorough selection process of mutually compatible technologies and services